How to Style Cream Marble; Natural aesthetic





We sell a lot of cream marble dining tables and consoles, and get a lot of questions regarding styling tips on this colour pallette, below are some ideas on how to style the Cream Marble sets, to create a luxury & natural feel! 

Our Cream marble dining table comes in both Imperial and Grande design, feautring a beautiful cream marble table top, with chrome leg detailing, we sell these tables individually aswell as part of our dining sets. If you are looking for a special dining set, we also run a FREE bespoke Dining Set Design Service, email us for more information, and we can help you create your dream set. 

Cream Imperial Dining Table: 

Cream Grande Dining Table: 

To create a natural material asthetic use the cream marble tones as a base; focus on warmer tones; creams, whites, light browns, natural tones. Add white linens, textured materials, stone based decor, faux furs, thick knit and hints of metal to create texture and contrast. 

Gold creates a beautiful contrast to the cream colour palette, it works perfectly against wood and natural materials. Add glass candle holders, lamps, vases & mirrors as well as green plants, to add to the natural vibe. 

Another good tip is to add in pops of colour, our dining chairs are also a perfect alternative to classic sitting room seating. Add in coloured pillows, wall papers and coffee table books to add contrast to the natural look. 

Search our Dining Chair page for inspiration: 

Blue Quilted Lion Knocker Chairs: 

Pink Aries Chairs: 

Dark Grey Boxy Quilted, Circle Knocker Chairs: 

Add Cream or grey consoles to add to the layout of your rooms, our cream consoles are one of our best sellers, add coffee table books, candles & natural decor to link the furnishings. 

If you are looking to pull out the key colour tones of the cream base, try adding solid cream cushions, blankets & decorative chairs and tables. We also sell cream dining chairs, that are perfect for matching with our dining sets, but also individually as statement pieces.

Dried flowers are another way of bringing texture into the room, you can purchase dyed dried flowers online, that can be matched to your interiors! Matching the natural vibes and materials with bright pops of colour & modern pieces like chrome vases & metal caged lights, graphic images & text, creates a brilliant contrast. 

Cream marble is very versatile, which makes it easy to style to different aesthetics! 

We love to see how our customers style our products, so please send us over photos of your new pieces! 


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